MALVERN Town Football Club is finally expecting to complete the sale of its Langland Stadium today (Friday).

Club spokesman Richard Anson said on Monday that barring any last-minute hitches the deal would be wrapped up, leaving the club with the task of finding a new home in the Malvern Hills area.

"We would expect by the end of this week to have signed providing there is nothing untoward," he said.

"The legal process of this has been quite painstaking. It's easy to take a short-term fix but we needed to make sure that any agreement entered into protects the long term future of the football club."

Mr Anson would not be drawn on the identity of the developer purchasing the stadium.

He added that the club had identified a particular area for a new ground and had held preliminary discussions with a landowner.

Mr Anson said: "We have had discussions with a landowner but we weren't prepared to take it further until the contract with the developer was agreed because it would have been a waste of time."