A GREAT many people have expressed their desire to retain the lovely seasonal displays of flowers on the Barnards Green roundabout, from the person in the street to the Civic Society.

I understand that the Conservators own the land the flowers are planted on, so perhaps they could take an interest in what is likely to happen.

Do we really want a shrubbery there with the inevitable empty cans and the tearaways racing through it to vandalise the bus shelter?

I have tried many avenues and I'm afraid the buck just gets passed on, it is a pity that no-one in high office cares enough to take notice of what the electorate want, it is a well known fact that a cared for environment attracts less vandalism and crime.

If money is such an issue over the flowers could not the unemployed help in some way? There are schemes and to be retained as a gardener no doubt would appeal to some.

I read that Malvern wants to attract tourism. Downgrading the approach to the town is hardly the right way to go about it, is it?

H M ADAMS, Pickersleigh Road, Malvern.

n NOTE: Paul Sobczyk, head of client services at Malvern Hills District Council, said: "They (bedding plants) are being planted at the moment for spring. As it presently stands that is the last time it will be done."