"WHAT did you do in the war, Mum?" asked my son. Well, I worked in an office at the Standard Motor Co (Aero Engines) in Pickersleigh Road, Malvern. This was a branch of the well known Coventry firm which had been allocated space in the factory of the Morgan Motor Co (Malvern) during 1941-45 to make components for aeroplane engines.

My son and I were surprised when watching The heart of the Country on ITV1 (October 9) to hear that the factory had made parts for anti-aircraft guns!

I am writing to you in the hope that future historians will correct this mistake when recording Malvern's history. The component's names are still listed in my head and I could readily quote them (old age has not dulled the memories!) - they were certainly not connected to guns!

I wonder if any of the present residents of Malvern are aware of the part time existence of this branch of the Standard Motor Co? I have no knowledge of any records or publications concerning this war effort. My recently acquired Malvern friends, who worked at government establishments in the town during the war (TRE and RRDE), are also unaware of the Morgan Motor's wartime "guests".

The factory workers were transferred from Coventry and were billeted in the town - now they do deserve a mention; perhaps they and the existence of this small but no doubt important branch of the Standard Motor Co could be given a little publicity now!

For some time I have wanted to comment on the apparent anonymity of this bit of industry temporarily resident at Morgan Motors and the recent portrayal of the Malvern's in the recent TV programme has encouraged me to "put pen to paper".

GRACE V LOACH (Nee Fenn), Bath Street, Abingdon, Oxon.