I AM writing concerning your reports about resignations from the Welland Parish Council which have been linked to difficulties experienced by the council in rectifying the unsatisfactory state of the Welland Playing Field.

It is possible your readers might conclude that nothing is being done to address these difficulties. In particular, it would appear that the Malvern Hills District Council is awaiting a response as to our intended action to rectify the alleged overfilling of the site.

Since my committee was formed, just over a year ago, a great deal of work has been done by past and present members towards formulating a scheme acceptable to both residents and MHDC.

The only physical evidence of this work to date has been the clearance of an overgrown hedge on the north-western boundary and the digging out of the ditch beside it. The other work has been entirely unseen, being the formulation of proposals to reduce the level of the field, and the steepness of the bank leading up to it at the north-eastern end. It is this end of the site that is depicted in the photograph accompanying your article (Malvern Gazette, October 19) and described as 'a mountain of soil'.

Following meetings earlier this year, variously with MHDC's enforcement officer, its head of planning and a representative of the Environment Agency (whose recommendations are required before a decision is made), we put forward outline proposals almost four months ago. At a subsequent meeting, it was agreed that certain alterations should be made to these proposals.

Plans for a revised scheme are now being prepared and a further meeting with the Environment Agency is scheduled for early next month.

Full details will then be submitted to the MHDC planning department and as soon as approval is obtained we shall ask the WPC to resolve to have the necessary work carried out.

The playing field scheme was a laudable endeavour to create a large recreation area in a village whose existing facilities are quite inadequate for the number of young people living here.

That it should have taken so long to achieve and have been the cause of so much acrimony, with consequent strain on all those involved with the Welland Parish Council over that time, is greatly regretted. But with the co-operation of all now involved, I am confident that we shall finally achieve our objective.

W R Carver, chairman Welland Playing Field Committee, Bidders Croft