UPTON risks having nothing in place to mark the Queen's Golden Jubilee while the rest of the nation celebrates, the town's Royal British Legion president has warned.

Bert Loynes, aged 78, of Hillsfield, has spoken out after witnessing a meeting last Thursday of all the parties interested in celebrating the event.

"There were only eight people there, which I find pathetic," he said.

"I can't believe a royalist town like Upton is showing no interest whatsoever in the Golden Jubilee.

"I don't know if it's just that Upton has too many festivals, or whether the Royal Family is out of favour now, but I think anybody who serves their country for 50 years deserves some recognition."

Another meeting has been called in the Memorial Hall for November 15 and Mr Loynes warned that if a similar lack of enthusiasm was shown, there would be no event to mark the celebrations.

He said: "It will come to next May and everybody will ask why Upton isn't doing something about it."