CONSTRUCTION work at Upton's new-look Hill Centre is continuing apace, with the town set to have access to its new facilities before the end of the year.

The centre will play host to badminton, indoor football, short bowls and archery. A large room will be available for conferences and parties, and a smaller one for playgroups.

However, there are still gaps to be filled in on the administrative side of the project before it can open its doors.

"We'll be meeting Malvern Hills District Council to discuss things like how the management will be run and how much we're going to charge for the use of it," said Sheina Stockton, chairman of the Hill Centre Management Group. "We need to sort out bookings as we don't want it to open and have nobody there."

After the charges and management structure have been discussed, the group will arrange a meeting with a committee of representatives of the groups that will be using the centre.

"We need to find a treasurer and we would like to see more local people coming forward to join the committee," said Mrs Stockton. "In particular, we don't think the voices of senior citizens are represented." Anyone interested should contact her on 01684 593 992.