BRIGHT lights moving slowly across the night sky above St John's have been spotted by an intrigued Worcester pensioner.

Noreen Brown wants to know what the bright diamond shapes she has seen are.

"I don't believe in flying saucers or anything like that," said Mrs Brown. "These lights are diamond-shaped with a bright knob on the top and bottom. They glisten and gleam as they move slowly across the sky."

Mrs Brown first saw the lights at about 1am one morning in June.

"I was in bed sitting up for some reason and I was looking through the window when I saw this object," said the 79-year-old of St John's. "Ever since then I have been on the look-out."

At first Mrs Brown saw one light moving from the south, but since then there have been up to four lights in the sky.

"I am fascinated by them and lose a lot of sleep watching," she added. "They are beautiful really."

Mrs Brown said the lights have been visible on every clear night since then.

She said friends did not believe her and she thought she might be going mad until another friend saw the lights as well.

Evening News weather expert Paul Damari said he had been out observing the sky at all hours and had not seen anything unusual.

"Because the lights appear regularly they are less likely to be something unusual," he said. "If it was a UFO, for example, it would not be seen at the same time every night.

"Airliners sometimes show up as fairly bright triangles and depending on the direction of the wind you might not be able to hear them. But without seeing it I could not really say what it might be."

The Civil Aviation Authority could not confirm what might have been in the air at the time because it is not controlled air space.

Anyone who knows what the lights are or have experienced similar sightings should contact the Evening News on 01905 748200 ext. 257.