I WAS very interested to read the article in your Journal of March 22 about Dumbleton Hall but I would like to point out the fact that another bit of its history was left out.

In 1943 it was opened as a Womans Land Army hostel and continued until the early 1950's. I'm not sure of the date it closed but it was just before the hall was bought by the Post Office and became a convalescent home for its employees.

I was in the WLA at Mickleton in 1942 and in July 1943 I was sent to Dumbleton Hall with about 20 girls to start this hostel there. Girls also come from Shurdington and various other places to start this hostel.

We did not want to leave Mickleton. We were in a lovely house there. We were taken by lorry to Dumbleton. I will never forget the journey. We went through the hall gates and up the long drive and we really thought we had come to a palace.

It really is the most beautiful house and we had all the top floor for bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchens and dining room and huge lounge (wc room) downstairs.

We just loved it all. The house and the lovely grounds. We were taken by lorry every day to work on the farms and although it was land work I just loved it.

It is especially precious to me as I met by husband at the dance at Dumbleton village hall. We did all our courting (eight months) in the gardens of the hall, were married for nearly 52 years until he passed away.

Dumbleton Hall has many happy memories for us ex-land girls. I keep in contact with about a dozen girls and we do meet often and when we do its all talk of Dumbleton Hall.

I always say that I'm a 79 year old lady now but I'm still a 20 year old land girl at heart.

I did just want to let you know of those 10 or so years that the Hall belonged to the Land Army, Lady Monsell was there when we were and she was very interested in us. I left to be married in 1945 and I'm not sure the date it closed, but it was part of the history of Dumbleton Hall. I have been there a few times since and I still love it.

JOAN BETTERIDGE, Chapel Street, Badsey.