A WORCESTER nightclub owner says he is on the verge of quitting the city because of opposition to a drinks promotion.

Steve Bradford said the last straw was when four police vehicles were stationed outside Images in The Butts during the early hours of Thursday.

He claimed the police presence was linked to a meeting next week, when the force were due to repeat their concern about the promotion.

Revellers on Wednesday nights can pay £10 to drink as much as they like - both alcoholic and soft drinks.

"There were two vans, a dog handler's van and a patrol car outside," said Mr Bradford. "I've not seen anything like it in 15 years of running this place."

He feared the police would soon threaten him with prosecution.

"I'm very stressed and I can't sleep. In fact, I've had enough and I'm thinking seriously of selling up," said 52-year-old Mr Bradford.

Critics of his drinks offer would "get the licensees they deserve", he added.

"The only way to enjoy yourself in Worcester is when you decide to move or if you're dead," he claimed.

In letters to the nightclub owner, police said they were worried the £10 drinks promotion spurred anti-social behaviour.

They also alleged customers had been spotted on security cameras carrying bottles off the premises.

Mr Bradford insisted the bottles were plastic and contained water. He denied the drinks promotion has sparked trouble inside his nightclub.

Sgt Peter Hughes, of Worcester police, confirmed several police vehicles had been despatched to Images last Thursday morning. He said officers were anxious because customers were blocking the road.

No date had been fixed for the meeting with Mr Bradford, added Sgt Hughes.

"We're unhappy with an offer where people pay a fixed admission price to drink an unlimited amount and have simply asked Mr Bradford to discuss the situation," he said.

"It would be inappropriate to comment further."