A DROITWICH-based environmental company has been recruited by the Ministry of Defence to tackle oil and chemical spills throughout the UK.

Pollution control experts Briggs Environmental Services are standing by to deal with any accidents by the Armed forces and visiting armed forces on any of their bases and training grounds.

The new contract will see Briggs personnel provide 24-hour emergency cover for the next three years, with an option to extend the agreement by a further 12 months.

However, the company is no stranger to the MoD. In 1995 the MoD called on Briggs' expertise several times.

"Over the last six years we have successfully dealt with a number of incidents for the MOD and we are pleased they have shown continuing faith in our services," said Helen Sheppy, Briggs business development manager.

"Each of our bases is equipped and staffed with experienced personnel to deal with any potential pollution risk that may arise from oil or chemical spills."

The company, which is part of world-renowned Briggs Marine Environmental Services, also operates on-call nationwide oil and chemical spill response services from centres in Essex, Fife, Invergordon and Aberdeen.

Last year, Briggs worked with the French navy during the clean up operation around the sunken oil tanker Erika off the coast of France.