A SCHEME to help the homeless by providing food vouchers is to be launched early next month.

It uses donations from the public to fund £5 vouchers to be given to local homeless people. The vouchers can then be exchanged for food at participating retailers.

The project is being managed by Lyttelton Well, on behalf of Churches Together in Malvern, and is due to be launched on Monday, April 2.

The vouchers can only be exchanged for food and outlets can then cash them at The Lyttelton Well.

Andy Lyle, manager at Lyttelton Well, said that all arrangements were now in place.

"We just have to dot the Is and cross the Ts but other than that we're all set," he said. "We need to confirm the participating outlets, which are mostly takeaway places and fish and chip shops."

There are 400 vouchers ready to be distributed, worth £2,000. Mr Lyle said they wanted to see how long the money would last and then have another fundraising drive at Christmas.

Homeless people will be able to get the vouchers through churches.

"They can knock on the door, say 'I haven't got any food, can you help?' and they'll be given a voucher," said Mr Lyle.

"We hope the scheme will be a great success."