A MALVERN estate agent has issued a warning to home buyers to beware of visiting properties in the countryside because of foot and mouth

Dale Humphries, of Philip, Laney and Jolly, said they have been contacted by house sellers and farmers, especially from the Bringsty area, who are concerned about people spreading the disease while viewing houses.

"We're warning people not to enter fields to look at a property from another angle or turn their cars in farm entrances because it could cause the disease to spread further," he said.

"Generally, the outbreak is not affecting the estate agency business too much."

Not putting up advertising boards outside certain properties is one way of deterring people stopping and viewing, said Mr Humphries.

"And we've got about four properties on our books that can't be viewed at the moment," he said.

"Really it's just common sense. Farmers who have got the disease don't want to pass it on."