WE owe an apology to the relatives of James Cairns Wilson, whose colourful life has featured in two recent articles in Malvern Memories.

His grand daughter, Dorothy Cairns Metcalfe, has written to us to say his name was Cairns and not 'Caird' was we had reported.

In our defence, this was the spelling of his name given in the 1901 Malvern Gazette, which only goes to show that newspapers have never been infallible.

The most recent article related how Mr Cairns Wilson had put all his money on a racehorse and spent his winnings building a row of cottages in Belmont Road.

Mrs Metcalfe, whose mother's maiden name was Eileen Cairns Wilson, adds that the racehorse, Chaleureux, was owned by her grandfather.

Not surprisingly, the family are very fond of their colourful relative, indeed his grand daughter's home in Somers Road, Malvern, is named 'Cairns'.