THERE may be light at the end of the tunnel for skatepark users wanting to use the Victoria Park facility in the evening.

The lights on both the skatepark and multi-sport facility are currently switched off, after complaints about light pollution from nearby residents.

Nigel King, of park operators Malvern Town Council, said that residents' complaints were caused by the lighting over the multi-sport facility, not at the skatepark.

Mr King said the lights at the skatepark and the lights at the multi-sport facility were linked.

"If you flip a switch, they all come on at the same time," he said. "We're looking at isolating the skatepark lights."

He added that a management plan must be produced before anything could be done and that would be done after consultation with both residents and users of the skatepark.

Skatepark users have criticised the council over the matter. James Ralph, a 17-year-old in-line skater from Lavender Walk, said that the lights were never used.

"You can't skate after school, because it's too dark," he said. "I really don't understand why the council paid all that money to put the lights up and now won't turn them on."

He added that it made it unsafe for people skating there and voiced concern that low visibility could result in accidents.

BMX rider Arran Glencross, aged 17, said he was at the park nearly every night and he had never seen the lights in use.

"The residents complain about the lights but they're never on!" he said.

He suggested a meter system, where users of the park put money into a machine to operate the lights.