A HERO from the Indian Mutiny and the 'Swedish Nightingale' could be among those featured in a leaflet reflecting the historical figures buried at Great Malvern Cemetery.

Malvern Town Council, which operates the cemetery, is considering producing an information guide documenting graves of special interest.

The graves include that of Jenny Lind 'The Swedish Nightingale', possibly the greatest singer of the Victorian age, who lived at Wynds Point.

Also buried at the cemetery is Private Henry Ward, who died in 1867. Pte Ward was awarded the Victoria Cross in the mid 19th Century, after saving the life of Sir Henry Havelock and one Private Pilkington in Lucknow, Northern India, during the British Army's India campaign.

Other interesting graves include those of Dr James Wilson, who was one of the founders of the Malvern Water Cure, and Matthew Thomas Stevens, who founded the Malvern Gazette in 1898.

The council's cemetery development working party has agreed to invite local historians to investigate which graves are of possible national significance.

Members of the Working Party will meet in May to discuss the leaflet and the maintenance of graves of special interest.