6 J ALEXANDER'S letter (You Say, March 9 strikes me as a sad account of someone who seems to have got him/herself into a muddle.

He/she objects to the creation of a European Army, presumably, because our own British Army will be under direct European rule.

Do I take it that he/she objects to British forces serving under NATO or UN rule? Perhaps Britain should send the Gurkhas back to Nepal.

Regarding the First World War, according to my history lessons, the treaty of Versailles was set out to appease the opposing wishes of the three winning countries, on how to punish Germany.

Georges Clemenceau wanted to cripple Germany, so it could never attack France again; Woodrow Wilson did not want to punish Germany too severely, in case one day Germany recovered and sought revenged itself; and Lloyd George wanted to punish Germany firmly but fairly, because he was keen to start trading with Britain's former enemy.

Perhaps if Germany was severely crippled - as suggested by France Britain might never have had to liberate France in the Second World War.

Thus - no defeat at Dunkirk, no devastation of Coventry and no American GIs, who were overpaid, over-sexed and over here.

L SPITERI, Worcester.