HOW patronising of J Alexander to assume that the "grey-haired voters" are aghast at the idea of a European army, and that we require a Yorkshire Churchill to be the answer to all our problems.

As a grey-haired old soldier, I for one welcome a European Army, if only to stop the Americans continuing to dictate to the rest of the world how we should run our businesses and our country for their fiscal benefit.

It is worthwhile remembering that this country got rid of Churchill and his Tories in 1945. This was because we all remembered that a number of the rich and powerful people of this country were telling us in 1940 that we should make peace with Hitler so long as he agreed to leave their property and land alone.

I would also point out that the French did not capitulate during the 1914-1918 war.

After 18 years of destructive rule by the Tory party, in which we have seen our schools crumble and the NHS brought to its knees, this Labour Government is like a breath of fresh air. Long may they continue.