HOW ridiculous and wrong to brand people of the SOS group "bullies" because we are trying in an amateur way to stop the power, professionalism and "poke" of a supermarket giant from ruining an area where we choose to live (You Say, March 8).

I suppose suggesting that we can bully the councillors is fanciful to anyone who has an inkling on council procedures, but certainly, we are pleased that councillors of all parties could see the serious problems that a supermarket could bring to St John's centre.

I always find that people who support Sainsbury's live far enough away from the action and are either unaware or do not particularly care what happens to local residents.

It has been suggested that only a "handful" of people are active in stopping Sainsbury's. Obviously this person didn't turn out in atrocious weather to a meeting attended by nearly 400 concerned residents to support our efforts. Some handful, some meeting.


St John's,