I WAS shocked to read in last week's Malvern Gazette that Herefordshire Council has asked Colwall Parish Council to consider land adjacent to Oddfellows and Brook House, for creating some 95 houses, especially because of the flood plain!

Both parcels of land run parallel to a stream. This stream has flooded twice in the past three months, causing damage to Brook House, Oddfellows cellar and garages on the Brook Mill Estate. The flooding of this stream and the road has been a problem for many years and is getting worse not better.

The fence at the rear of Brook House that has just been erected by the former owner of Brook House, acted as a dam when we had the last flood the water was several feet up the fence. Surely this land would not be suitable to erect homes on.

The sewers would also not cope with being added to as during the recent floods all the sewer lids lifted and raw sewage was floating everywhere.

As you are no doubt aware, Colwall has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty so this in itself is an important issue.

The sad thing is that Brook House is a 17th Century Grade II Star Listed house set in nearly three acres of magnificent gardens and has a wealth of historic interest yet a mockery has been made of this lovely old house.

I feel that Colwall is quickly becoming a commuter village as there is no form of employment, the local school and all the other amenities are already stretched to the maximum.

I also have a letter sent to me from Herefordshire Council's assistant planning officer and historic buildings officer, which states "Land adjacent to the Horse and Jockey public house (now known as Oddfellows) and south of Brook House provides an important visual break between the two areas which should be maintained and protected from development proposals".

I am most confused how a year later they have proposed the said sites for approval of Colwall Parish Council!

It would be an easy option to extend the Brook Mill Close estate as the road leads to nowhere.

Can anybody help me look after a little piece of history before it is ruined?

MAGGIE POWELL, Brook House, Walwyn Road, Colwall.