I AM writing in response to the article 'Dad cries foul over dirty dogs' (Ledbury Reporter, March 2).

I agree entirely with the comments of Mr Coull, that dog owners should be responsible and clear up after their pets.

I would just like to clarify one point. Not all 'responsible dog owners' carry pooper-scoopers. As a responsible owner of two large dogs, I always carry at least two bags and tissue to clean up after them.

Please don't think when you see someone walking their dog that they have to be carrying a commercially produced plastic pooper-scooper to be responsible. I never carry one but I have thought about wearing a badge "I always scoop when they poop!" to deter some of the scowls you can receive off passers-by.

Hopefully, with the recent instant fines being given in Ledbury, more dog owners will be considerate to other footpath users.

I fear the problem will become much worse. With so many areas now shut due to the outbreak of foot and mouth a lot more dog owners will be walking on the streets in Ledbury. Perhaps Herefordshire Council could send those workers who normally maintain the high standards of footpaths, now closed to the public, out to warden the streets in the town.

On a more positive note, it is good to see how quickly some bins fill up with scooped up poop! Now let's see more doing it!

LINDA TOWNSEND, Biddulph Way, Ledbury.