I WAS glad to read that cars drove over disinfectant straw mats at the Three Counties Show Ground for the recent antiques fair.

But to say they took all precautions to make sure no one was carrying the disease is a very strong statement to make as we, the public, have been told by the media that we ourselves can carry the disease.

This is why I would say the powers that be have postponed Crufts, as people travel from all over the country to attend. This is why the people of Malvern respect the no-go areas which have been laid down.

Inviting large amounts of people to Malvern at this present time could be disastrous, as Malvern is foot and mouth free. I have always thought the Three Counties Showground was the focal point of the farming community of the three shires and also very good for our tourist industry in Malvern. So, all I can say is please keep people away at present.

We do not want to see the sky darkened by the smoke of the animals being incinerated because they have contracted foot and mouth. It can strike at any time, it does not discriminate.

M R HARRIS, Wedderburn Road, Malvern.