I AM writing to express our thanks for all the very considerable support we have had, both during the public meeting in the Forum and since, for our efforts to bring Malvern Town Council to reason over its spending plans.

The council has modestly reduced its precept for this year, but has made it clear that it may now increase it again next year.

While a welcome gesture it really misses the whole point - the fact is that expenditure has gone up from £175,000 during the last year of the district council's tenure, to a budgeted £1.07m in five years. There can be no justification for this increase without a matching six-fold increase in results.

I have also to commend the five councillors. It is pity that more cannot follow their example.

We now have to continue with the process agreed by the public meeting and request a full parish meeting.

We hope that when this is arranged our supporters will turn out in similar numbers to the last meeting.

We are determined to achieve the results demanded by the electorate.

KEITH PHILLIPS, Malvern Town Action Group, Woodshears Road, Malvern.