MALVERN Light Opera Society's production of The Pajama Game had much to commend it.

The overture, with its swinging rhythms - played by an excellently sympathetic small orchestra under musical director, Charles Pavey - included two saxophones, the sound of which helped to set the tone of this American musical comedy.

The plot is very slight: a pyjama making factory is threatened with strike action by the staff; the factory superintendent Sid, and Babe who is strongly in support of the Union, fall in love - eventually all is resolved.

The leading characters acted and sang well, and they all maintained their accents with exceptionally clear diction.

Ben Leeke (Sid) showed what a pleasing voice he has in Hey There, and Harriet Franklin's (Babe) performance was very stylish; in duets they were ideal together.

Paul Bannister (Hines) and Pauline Peak (Mabel) were great fun in their song and dance I'll Never be Jealous Again, as were Andrew Bartlett (Prez) and Cathy Keating (Gladys) in Her Is.

The chorus was most supportive and the unaccompanied singing was noteworthy.

Scenery was kept to a minimum, with some clever use of projection - in particular that of a working clock.

Fifties-style costumes and subtle lighting added to the production and the choreography was superb.

Many of the songs were familiar, and the enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment of the cast carried the show through, together with the overall high standard, giving great pleasure to the appreciative audience.

The Pajama Game continues until tomorrow (Saturday).