A DATE has been fixed for plans for a supermarket in St John's to be put before Worcester City councillors again.

The proposals, for a Sainsbury's store at Swanpool Walk, have already been rejected by the city's technical services committee.

But the full council will make a decision on Thursday, March 29, whether or not to confirm the committee's refusal.

Should the vote go against Sainsbury's, the council will need to specify why it has turned down the application, because officers had recommended approval.

Members of the technical services committee said they had concerns about the narrow access road to the site; they believed the supermarket was too large and feared it would harm St John's.

The regional development executive for Sainsbury's, Alun Davies, has indicated the company is waiting for the council's decision before lodging an appeal.

The meeting will start at 7pm in the Guildhall.

Worcester City Council has turned down plans for stores by both Asda and Safeway.

Asda, which wants a store at St Clement's Gate, has appealed. Safeway is considering its options.

Meanwhile, on Monday the new "executive board" that heads the council will consider the effects of proposed new planning guidance concerning St Clement's Gate.

Factors to be discussed will include Countrywide Farmers' requests for staff car parking at the former cattle market and a request by Marsten Developments for the council to sell land in Newport Street.