EIGHT years of debate in Salford Priors has finally been resolved by means of a survey.

The parish council agreed at a recent meeting to question families and businesses in Rushford and Pitchill about the 'correctness' of a signpost erected on the Birmingham Road in 1993.

It was argued by some that historically, Pitchill did not exist and that the sign should be removed.

A considerable amount of concern had been expressed on this matter and so the parish council decided to put it to a vote and be guided by the outcome.

The survey, issued in January, gave three possible options; to keep the same sign, to remove the Pitchill and Rushford signs, or to include Pitchill on both Rushford signs (Pitchill signified by brackets) while removing the signs half way which display Pitchill and Rushford.

Feedback suggested that a majority of residents and businesses were quite happy with the existing arrangement.

Measures to include new approach warning signs for Pitchill Nursing Home and Lauriston Industrial Park were also included.

In the past, local people have said that the nursing home was inadequately signposted and often led to drivers having to make a last minute swerve to make the necessary turn.

Parish council clerk, Eric Mitchell, said: "The council are pleased that they have reflected the views of the people who put the two signs up,

"The views have been noted and the signs will stay as they are.

"The vote also sends a loud message that the warning signs for the bend and advanced warning signs for the industrial park and the nursing home are far from satisfactory."

He added that in the near future, Lauriston Estates proposed consulting Pitchill Nursing Home with a view to incorporating Pitchill House in a new sign to be placed at the entrance to the access road.