STAINED glassware is something which often attracts the eye, and the proprietor of a new shop in Evesham hopes to attract more than just customers.

Susan Earnshaw owns The Glassroom, which opened on Port Street last month and she plans to start lessons for people interested in learning how to work with stained glass.

A dozen customers signed up for the lessons within one week of the shop opening, and she hopes to start them later this month.

The lessons will take place in the shop's working stained glass studio and are scheduled for Thursday afternoons and evenings. They will last for three hours and cost £30.

Susan will demonstrate work in two types of glass- copper foil work, which is Tiffany style glassware, and lead work, mostly used for windows.

The first thing she will teach her 'pupils' to make is a 'suncatcher', which is something to hang in the window and catch the sun- hence the name.

She hopes that more people will sign up for the stained glass lessons, but thinks that people are put off cutting glass for fear of causing an injury to themselves.

"People are frightened they might cut their finger off," she said.

She also views Port Street as a place of massive business potential, "All we need are a few more shops like ours in the road and a decent store in the old Kwik Save building.

"As a main route into the town, more should be made of it to attract visitors and we hope our contribution may be the start of something."

Susan, and her husband David are new to Evesham, having only moved to the area in December from Burnley in Lancashire, where Susan started working with stained glass seven years ago.

They moved to Evesham to realise an ambition of running a business they really enjoy. David's part of the shop is called RadioMania (NB this is spelt correctly) and features early transistor radios from the 1950s to the 1970s. Selected items from his private collection are on view and for sale.

The Glassroom also sells sheets of glass, materials and tools for people who are learning or established hobbyists and features a retail area selling collectors glass and glassware from many innovative glass design studios.

The Glassroom and RadioMania are open from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday.

For more information on the stained glass lessons, contact Susan Earnshaw on 01386 442798.