A NEW Kidderminster College band is on a mission to "turn the song towards bleaker horizons than ever imagined".

Calhoun Square, will premiere their debut single on Monday, are targeting long-term success - and in a novel way.

A college spokesman said: "They use a variety of media to communicate their ideas - not just music, but dance, drama and film.

"Calhoun Square combine dark, deep lyrics with stunning visual imagery that makes you take notice of every word."

The band are banking on versatility being the key to success, claiming there is more chance of their work being heard if they work in a variety of media.

Their debut single Flowers of Romance, which aims to show the "surreal darkness of the American writer Charles Bukowski Hostage", is soon to be released on the college's record label. It will be played for the first time at Marrs Bar, Worcester.