UP and coming Kidderminster band Weak13 are gunning for success - and hoping to put their home town on the map at the same time. Weak 13 band members - Jack Skilton, Dan Hinton, Tom Araya, Nick Townsend and Cob.

The five-piece group, who specialise in a fusion of rap, metal, and hardcore, have launched a brand new website - and assured their Wyre Forest fan base that they have not split up!

Vocalist Nick Townsend said the band was preparing to record a self-financed EP which will feature both studio and live tracks, and had been away from the Kidderminster spotlight for a while as they have been performing gigs in other parts of the Midlands.

They have recently welcomed new drummer Jack Skilton into the line-up, which already features guitarists Jim Taylor and Dan Hinton as well as bass player Cob.

Jack said: "Weak13 are professional and have the potential to shake up the music industry."

And the band are setting about doing just that, starting with their new website - www.weak13.fire-bug.co.uk - which has information about upcoming live dates, news, merchandise and free downloadable music.

Nick said they were also hoping to raise awareness of other Kidderminster bands by links on their website, which has had about 1,000 hits since January.

"There are some great bands in this area and we feel obliged to help advertise them in any way we can.

"Kidderminster and the surrounding areas produces some of the best musical talent in the country and we're proud to be a part of it," he added.

Weak13, who describe themselves as "different, fresh and very heavy", formed about 18 months ago. They are unsigned but gradually building up a reputation for themselves.

They are playing at Ye Olde Seven Stars in Kidderminster on Sunday night - their first properly advertised gig in their home town for about six months.

"A lot of people think we have split up!" Nick said.

Fans can also catch Weak13 at Stourbridge's Rock Cafe 2000 on Wednesday.