A FRUSTRATED mother has hit out at the lack of provision in the town for mentally disabled children and wants to set up a support group, writes Becky Procter.

Alison Davies, of Hunt End, has a two-and-a-half year old son with severe learning difficulties, speech and communication problems.

But she claims there are no schools or playgroups in the area which can look after her son, George, who needs one-to-one care.

Mother-of-two Miss Davies, 29, said: "We are having a right battle with the education authority.

"George can't go to Chadsgrove in Bromsgrove because he is too mobile and Pitcheroak in Batchley won't take him in until he is four."

Worcestershire County Council's home education service visits George once a fortnight but Miss Davies said it was not enough.

She said: "I would like to know if there are any other parents in Redditch who are having the same difficulties as me. I want to set up a support group and approach the education authority for better provision.

"I would like to see proper school placements offering the same input as Pitcheroak and Chadsgrove. It is hard when I have been told George will never live an independent life and I can't see the education authority doing anything to help me."

She added: "I feel because George has not got a physical disability he is being discriminated against."

A spokesman for Worcestershire County Council's education department said: "Special needs provision in Worcestershire schools is good.

"Parents are offered support at home before children enter the school system.

"And this is more than a council is required to do. We sympathise with Miss Davies' views but her best course of action would be to contact her MP."