SPRING SHOW: Mrs Wynne Betteridge swept the board at the Inkberrow and District Horticultural Society's Spring Show which was held at Inkberrow Village Hall on March 3 winning not only the Society Challenge Cup for most points in the show, the Ansell Cup for most points in the bulb section but also the Seymour Trophy for the best exhibit in the show with an exquisite bowl of white crocus. She was warmly congratulated by society chairman, Mrs Pat Atkin, who said her gloomy predications the previous dull, wet day that there would be no exhibitors had been totally wrong and she praised the exhibitors who had done their very best despite the recent dreadful weather, giving extra praise to all who managed to produce an exhibit. It was a reflection of the weather, six months of gloom and rain followed by the bitter cold of the last few weeks, that the show boasted only four cut daffodil blooms. She gave heartfelt thanks to all who had helped to put on the show. A large crowd of visitors patronised the raffle and the plant stall and enjoyed the refreshments served by members. George Briney, president of the society, was the show judge.

Results: The Society Challenge Cup - Mrs Wynne Betteridge; The Ansell Cup - Mrs Wynne Betteridge; The Seymour Trophy - Mrs Wynne Betteridge; The Sunshine Cup - no exhibits. Hyacinths - 1 and 2 Mr Tony Richardson, 3 Mrs Wynne Betteridge, h/c Mrs Dorothy Hunt; daffodils, long trumpet single - 1 and 2 W Betteridge, 3 D Hunt; daffs single-one flower per stem - 1 W Betteridge, 2 and h/c D Hunt, 3 Miss Ruth Jackson; daffs multiflowered single - 1 R Jackson, 2 T Richardson, 3 W Betteridge; daffs multi double - 1 T Richardson, 2, 3 and h/c W Betteridge; tulips single - 1 and 2 W Betteridge, 3 T Richardson; tulips double - 1 W Betteridge, 3 R Jackson; crocus - 1 W Betteridge, 2 and 3 T Richardson; any variety of bulbs or corms 1 Mrs Pat Atkin; miniature bulbs - 1 W Betteridge, 2 Mrs Margaret Tromans, 3 T Richardson; amarylis - 1 and 2 D Hunt, 3 Mrs Joyce Richardson.

Pot Plants: foliage - 1 M Tromans, 2 and h/c Mrs Elaine Hodgkinson, 3 Mrs Joan Hayball; flowering - 1 M Tromans; decorative plants - 1 and 2 W Betteridge; cacti - 1 and 2 D Hunt.

Cut Flowers: Specimen daffodil - 1 and 2 T Richardson, 3 P Atkin; trumpet daffs - 1 T Richardson, 2 and 3 D Hunt; small cup daffs - 1, 2 and 3 T Richardson, h/c W Betteridge; hellebore - 1 and 2 M Tromans, 3 W Betteridge, h/c J Richardson; collection of spring flowers - 1 P Atkin, 2 M Tromans, 3 E Hodgkinson; flowering shrub - 1 and 2 M Tromans, 3 P Atkin, h/c J Richardson; arrangement - 1 W Betteridge, 2 E Hodgkinson.