PARISH COUNCIL: Minutes of meeting held in Lower Moor Village Hall on March 1.

Parish Statement: Mr Andrew Ford, of The Midlands Planning Aid Service, gave a presentation to the parish council on the concept of producing a parish mission statement. He felt it would be beneficial firstly to undertake a parish appraisal that in effect is an audit to determine the needs and the current state of the parish. It is the intention of the parish council to further raise awareness on this issue and there is an information pack available on request. In addition, the parish council is seeking volunteers to participate on this project. If you are interested please contact Cllr McDonald or the Parish Clerk.

Planning: An application has been made by Mr & Mrs Cawkell, of Salters Lane for a two-storey side extension for kitchen study and bedroom. Planning application at 'Singel' - Bridge Street for proposal to replace existing flat roofing to a pitched roof over kitchen and garage. Planning application by Mr & Mrs Righton of Throckmorten Road to relocate existing stable.

Parish Board: A Parish Board depicting the paths and bridleways of Hill & Moor has been requested; to be situated at the entrance to the Village Green.

Street Lamp: A letter has been received from Mrs Lampard in appreciation of the parish council's assistance in restoring the operation of Street Lamp No. 10 in Church Street.

Village Green Paths: The Clerk to obtain a standard specification for the paths on the green. Estimates received for the paths have been inconsistent. It is the policy of the parish council to use local companies where available and competitive.

Incinerator: The Council have been notified of the possibility of the siting of an incinerator on the Severn Waste Landfill site due to the closure of the site at Kidderminster. The Chairman to formulate a letter opposing the possibility of the incinerator for circulation to the various authorities. Cllr McDonald to action a CPRE input.

By-Pass: Members of the council were invited to attend a meeting at Wychavon District Council offices regarding the by-pass. Cllr McDonald produced and presented a questionnaire on traffic management, environmental and landscaping issues raised by local residents. The council was supported by the presence of CC Cllr E. Tucker. Notes were made by Mr D Smith, Highway Engineering Manager, and Mr G Cox, Manager Worcester Highways Partnership, which will be taken into consideration at the final planning stage. Later in the year, a WCC presentation on their findings and proposed implementations will be made.

Ditches: The Clerk to write to Hill Furze Farm with regard to ditches not cleared.

Village Hall: Council members noted the manner in which the new village hall committee had taken on the role of managing and planning future events to draw in the community spirit of the village.

Village Green Car Park: Complaints have been received of the late night usage of the car park by car owners from outside the village. The clerk to write to the beat officer. The clerk was also requested to investigate the supply and cost of providing a gate across the entrance to be opened only for events.

Quiet Lanes: The clerk was asked to follow up the proposal from the WDC to mapping 'Quiet Lanes'. This matter was raised in November, 1999 and it was felt that Salters Lane to the Springs Caravan site was the only road that could be deemed to be within this category in the village. Next meeting, April 5.