THURSDAY CLUB: At the meeting of the Thursday Club, held at the village hall on March 8, Mr J Mole, chairman, welcomed members and welcomed Mrs B Price, a visitor from Yorkshire. Members enjoyed a musical afternoon organised by Mr J Mole, who played a selection of tapes, of golden oldies of music of various decades, which was demonstrated by Mr Mole and a member dancing, a sing-a-long was enjoyed by all present and ended with a 'Geordie' song, by Mr Mole. Members were reminded that at the next meeting to be held on March 22 would be the club's AGM and the subscriptions would be due. Nominees are needed for the next year's committee. Mr Mole announced that Mrs Joan Green would be organising a daffodil tea in combination with Thursday Club members, it is hoped to entertain the village senior residents on April 12. Afternoon teas were served by the club's catering hostesses. Mr Mole read out the poem 'Laughter'. Mrs G Allen, organised the club raffle and raised £37.50 for club funds.

Winners included, Mesdames D Edwards, A Mole, E Paxton, A Taylor, W Palmer, D Pritchard, B Price, G Allen, E Rayner, F Daley, J Bulford, M Gill, N Bulford, J White, J Vaughan, R Andrews and M Brown.

n WHIST DRIVE: Thirteen tables were in play at the village hall, on the evening of March 8 at the whist drive, organised by Mrs B Hodges and Miss F Ricketts to raise funds for the Air Ambulance Service. Mr J Chester was MC. Mr C Bromfield, drawmaster. Whist, raffle and mystery prizes were won by, Mrs J Palmer, Mr P Macarthy, Mrs M Halling, Mr C Bromfield, Mrs B Hodges, Mrs E Hawkes, Mrs D Yarwood, Mr D Bunn, Mrs P Griffin, Mrs D Cutting, Mr E Willis, Mrs P Jeynes, Mr D Crook, Mrs D Hickmott, Mrs O Taylor, Mr B Jones, Mr C Griffin, Mrs N Green, Mrs R Sowerbutts, Mrs B Bromfield, Mr J Whitehouse, Mrs M Brown, Mrs J Bunn, Mr A Perks, Mrs J Washbrooke, Mrs N Bennett and Mrs J Rose. Mr Chester announced dates of future whist drives, and refreshments were organised during the evening's play.