COMMUNITY leaders at Cutnall Green are pressing for action over an accident blackspot.

They recorded 10 crashes last year at the village and two last month alone. Now villagers are hoping engineers can find a solution to stop the rate of accidents.

Fresh calls were made for action after a lorry was in collision with a transit van two weeks ago.

Other danger spots include the turning for Mustow Green and the stretch near the Podmore industrial estate.

Janice Thompson, whose home was hit by a 13-tonne lorry when it ploughed into her lounge while her niece slept feet away four years ago, said accidents were becoming a regular occurrence.

She said: "We see the accidents time and again, and people injured. Sooner or later someone will be killed."

Mrs Thompson believes the stretch of the road, which dips into a bend near her home, is particularly dangerous. She said water often pours off neighbouring fields and collects in the road because of drainage problems.

"If the water freezes, on top of the problem of the bend, we dread to think what could happen.

"The lorries seem to get bigger and bigger, and the old RAF site is expanding with extensions to the industrial units."

Wychavon district councillor Andrew Christian-Brookes and parish council chairman Russell Harper are both calling for action to reduce the accident toll.

"We're very concerned about the road from Droitwich back to Kidderminster," said Mr Harper.

Chris Barski, of the county council's accident studies team, said while the stretch was a hotspot, others in the county were a higher priority because they suffered more accidents where people were hurt.

Andy Broom, of the Highways Partnership, said a new drainage pipe was due for completion at the end of the month and would stop surface water collecting on the road.