A GAME in which drivers dice with death was avoided at the last minute after police drafted in extra officers to halt plans for a speed-demon car event.

About 70 speed-loving drivers from across the Midlands converged on Kidd- erminster's Crossley Park retail site for a cruise event on Saturday evening, but their plans were cut short by police who feared repeats of deaths at similar get-togethers elsewhere in the Midlands.

Organisers had advertised the cruise in motoring magazines and delivered leaflets to Kidderminster resi- dents, but the town's police discovered their plans on Friday.

In recent years cruise events in Merry Hill, Birmingham and surrounding areas have led to deaths because vehicles have been driven dangerously by youngsters keen to show off their driving skills.

Chief Insp Mark Williams, of Kidderminster Police, said: "On some of these occasions, time trials have been staged on the highways and the event has also proved an attraction for those who steal high performance cars and try to bait police into pursuits."

Police set up road blocks to stop cars from entering Crossley Park and used cameras and video cars to capture evidence of offending behaviour.

No arrests were made, but a handful of drivers were reported for offences including speeding and misuse of fog lamps.

Mr Williams added: "Video evidence is being examined and it is likely action will be taken against the offenders who breached the traffic act even through the event didn't take place.

"We will not tolerate this action in Kidderminster. Anyone interested in driving fast can do so at properly organised legal events, advertised at race tracks around the country."