A teenager carried out a burglary on a flat while he was waiting for a lift from a probation officer, a court heard.

Matthew Schramm, who had been released on licence from a robbery sentence, carried out the £1,935 raid in Bridge Street, Pershore, with an accomplice.

The 19-year-old kept the property, which included CDs and clothing, to settle a debt.

The day-time break-in happened while he was waiting to be picked up for a probation appointment, said Brett Stevenson, prosecuting at Worcester Crown Court.

Schramm, of Farleigh Road, Pershore, was sentenced to 15 months detention and ordered to serve another 164 days of his unexpired licence period.

The defendant and a 29-year-old forced the flat door on September 4 last year while the occupant was out. He was arrested and bailed, but two months later was detained trying to break into a VW Golf car. He caused £500 damage to the vehicle.

Schramm, who pleaded guilty to burglary and attempted theft, committed crime to fund his heroin addiction, said Jeremy Wright, defending.

He had a great deal of assistance while in custody to kick the habit, but came off the rails again after his release.

Mr Wright asked for Schramm to be given a chance with a non-custodial drug treatment and testing order.

But Judge John Cavell said he had no confidence that the defendant would comply with it.

He said it was very sad that on the day he was being collected by a probation officer he committed the burglary.

The judge added: "Your family must be devastated by the way you have behaved."

The court heard that the defendant's accomplice was jailed for ten months last year for the same burglary.