SPEEDING drivers are endangering lives by ignoring speed limit signs according to anxious residents of a Vale village, writes Peter McMillan.

Badsey people say drivers of cars, lorries and motorcycles flout 30mph signs and overtake along Bretforton Road.

Mrs Maureen Ford, who lives in Bretforton Road, said the signs were effectively useless.

"They have made virtually no difference at all," she explained.

"Last week, somebody was going by at about 30 and somebody else was whizzing by at between 50 and 55."

She added: "We still feel that someone will be killed before long, despite the 30mph signs, because the restrictions are not being enforced. It has been a pointless operation installing these signs without cameras."

She went on: "The motorbikes come through as though they're on Brand's Hatch."

Mrs Ford, suggested that traffic lights might be a possible solution.

"I deliver the church magazine and have to cross over the road. It's horrible with the sped and the size of the traffic."

Robert Gregory, aged 80, of Willersey Road has lived in Badesy for 50 years. He said: "Bretforton Road has long been known for speeding cars but now the weight and size of the lorries is a problem."

He added: "The vacuum created by heavy lorries travelling at speed makes it unsafe for people walking along the footpaths." Mrs Olive Goddard, of Bretforton Road, said: "It's a B road but it's like trying to cross the M25."

Two years ago, the villagers were concerned about Gloucestershire County Council proposals to impose weight restrictions on its roads, which could have redirected heavy goods vehicles through Vale villages.

A public inquiry inspector prevented the authority going ahead with the proposal but Gloucestershire and Worcestershire county councils have since looked at alternatives.

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