SCHOOLS in the Vale have welcomed news of a springtime Government windfall, but their campaign for fairer funding goes on.

Worcestershire's head teachers are to get a £2m handout in April following the budget announcement last week of £200m to schools across the UK. On average schools will have £24 extra to spend on each pupil this year.

A typical primary school of around 300 pupils will receive an additional £7,000 and a typical secondary school of around 850 pupils an extra £20,000.

Head of Littleton First School Charlie Lupton said: "I welcome any new money that comes directly to the school.

"The cash however is being given to all schools across the UK which still leaves our schools with less funding per pupil than others.

"We intend to continue to campaign for fair funding for Worcestershire schools"

Bernard Roberts, head of Prince Henry's High School, said: "I am very pleased with the extra money. Directly funding head teachers is the right way forward and we welcome it."

In January both men joined a 200-strong delegation of county head teachers who lobbied the Government as part of their fight for fairer funding.

Currently the average Worcestershire primary school of 500 is funded at £121,000 less than the national average, and an average secondary school of 1,000 is funded £321,000 less than the national average.

County councillor Dan Wicksteed, who is in charge of education and lifelong learning at County Hall, said: "Much hard work has already been done in the county which continues to make an impact on efforts to drive up pupil achievement levels despite shortfalls.

"We look forward to seeing the benefits of this extra funding and to work with schools to raise education standards even further."