A CAMPAIGN to get a sub-post office opened in Evesham's High Street has been launched.

Since the former old office relocated to the Riverside Shopping Centre before Christmas, town councillors have been inundated with complaints.

They say customers visiting the post office are causing problems by parking illegally and dangerously in Cowl Street and Market Square.

Also, elderly residents and parents with children are being forced to drive around the one-way system to get to the new post office inside the Co-op store. Town councillor, Roma Kirke said: "The town council has had endless complaints about the inaccessibility of the counters and the long queues at the Co-op.

"Customers are causing parking problems because there is no short-term parking nearby and those to the north end of the town have to make the journey by driving around the entire town circulatory."

She said she and other town and county councillors had been in talks with the owners of Evesham Market, in the High Street, which has earmarked two possible sites within the market itself for a sub post office.

The town's MP Peter Luff has also been contacted for assistance.

Mr Luff said: "It is clear from people I have spoken to that they are very unhappy with the new arrangements.

"There is a need to revisit the provision of post office facilities in the vicinity of the old office and I intend to contact Post Office Counters to press for action."