STOURPORT angler Malcolm Parsons landed nine trout to 2lb using a montana on the Masters Lake at Shatterford Lakes Fishery.

One angler landed 10 to 2.5lb using a cats whisker and another caught seven to 2lb with a white fritz, both on the Masters.

On the coarse scene, a catfish of 16lb 8oz and a mirror carp of 18lb 2oz fell to an angler using squid on the Stuarts Lake.

Another fisherman caught a mirror of 15lb 8oz and a common of 11lb 2oz with boilies on the Erics Lake.

On the Stella Lake, one angler used maggots to catch a 30lb bag of roach, perch, bream and carp. Anyone wishing to fish at the venue can call 01299 861597.


There has been good sport on coarse waters throughout the week with weights from 11lb to 22lb recorded.

Perch have weighed in at 2.5lb to 3lb with the most popular bait being maggots.

Saturday Open, Heron Pool: Carl Jones (Strettons) 15lb (peg 17), Simon Jacques (Marks Tackle) 8-4oz (21), Stuart Jacques (Marks Tackle) 5-12 (65).

Sunday Open, Heron: Denis Smart (West Midland Angling Centre) 18-5 (45), Peter Hodge (Clissets) 11-14 (46), Mark Evers (Strettons) 10-8 (650.

Highgate AC, Moorhen: Rick Ratcliffe 12-9, Warren Russon 10-14, Lea Handley 6-10.

Evers landed the largest perch of 3lb 8oz.


Tuesday, High and Deans, 17 fished: Mark Bosford (Spartans) 24-6 (High 32), Dave Williams (Woodlands) 19-4 (High 29), Mark Trueman (Woodlands) 17-11 (High 11), Trevor Hill (Woodlands) 17-10 (Deans 38), Mike Williams (Shrewsbury) 7-4 (Deans 41), Brian Wateridge (Woodlands) 5-11 (High 23).

Wednesday, Arles, 19: John Knight (Willow Creek) 49-3 (34), Derek Hammond (Oxford Drennan) 48-8 (4), Mick Denton (Oxford Drennan) 46-0 (38), Jim Smith (Pershore M/G) 32-10 (7), Tim Guise (Preston Innovation) 30-14 (17), Eric Banner (Fishermans Friend) 30-13 (9).

Saturday, Deans and Arles, 47: Steve Waters (Oxford Drennan) 59-1 (Deans 60), Mick Jones (Slapheads) 44-0 (Deans 63), Tim Guise (Preston Innovation) 37-0 (Arles 27), Dean Guest (Sensas) 33-14 (Deans 21), Tony Holmes (Slapheads) 31-12 (Deans 40), Mike Denton (Oxford Drennan) 31-2 (Deans 13).

In Sunday's match, Tony Holmes drew the bonus peg 22 on High Pool.

An hour into the match, Holmes had 40lb of fish and looked set to win. However when the catches were weighed, he only won his section with 53lb 2oz, just beating Paul Sibley with 51lb on corn.

Sunday, High and Arles, 44: Tony Parker (DC Lifestyle) 88-5 (High 280, Gary Allsop (Woodlands) 82-12 (Arles 7), Rich Young (Oxford Drennan) 79-0 (Arles 37), Chris Bagley (DC Lifestyle) 72-9 (High 10), Tony Holmes (Slapheads) 53-2 (High 22), Paul Sibley (Midland Match) 51-0 (High 24).


Due to the foot and mouth outbreak, Sunday's contest is at Bank Pool, Moorlands Farm.

The draw will be at the pool at 8am with fishing from 9am until 2pm.

Aggregate cup positions (top 10): Tim Jones 88 points, Matt Bourne 74, Perry Mountain 72, Joe Thornton 69, Dave Bedford 62, Ken Hall 60, Keith Clarke 59, Alan Hubble 57, John Harbord 53, Roger Butler 52.


A presentation is on Saturday at 8pm.


Woodlands View, Deans Pool: Jim Gould 10-15, Don Evington 9-5, Pete Mountford 7-13, J Grazier 7-0, Geoff Ife 5-10, Dereck Buckle 4-11.


Poole Hall: Steve Phillips 3-12, Max Galhszewski 3-11, Martyn Wood 2-12.

The next match is on Wagon Pool on Sunday, March 25.


A knock-about will be held on the Stackpool and anyone interested can call J Wyatt on 01562 631611. Trophies should be returned as soon as possible.


A meeting has been arranged for Wednesday and trophies should be returned. The skittles night is now on May 12.


Poole Hall: I Laight 11-13, S Pearce 9-7-8dr, D Wigzell 4-13-8, C Carter 4-6-8.

Aggregate leaders to date: D Wigzell 48, I Laight 45.