IN the final paragraph of the report "Win could hit district future" (Shuttle, March 1), David Lock MP made my case for me very well.

It is my belief that the public are being misled when they are told the changes at Kidderminster General Hospital are the only possible and appropriate changes for local people.

I do not include Dr Booth in this belief.

I shared a rota with him for 20 years and know him to be a sincere, dedicated and hard-working colleague and friend.

That he and others have been put in this invidious position is intolerable.

The needs of the people are paramount and local doctors should have been, and could still be, offered an alternative plan of change that would be acceptable to them and yet provide for these needs.

It has been done in Kendal (19 miles from Lancaster), Hexham (less than 20 miles from Newcastle) and other places in this country. Why not here?


Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern