THE recent flurry of letters urging caution about voting for Dr Richard Taylor at the up-coming Geneal Election are well argued.

But we, as a community, have been united in a passionate opposition to the loss of our medical services.

Dr Taylor's passion could take that battle to the very heart of government, where before our pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

He is offering us an almost unique opportunity to raise our voices above the clamour of party politics.

In years to come, we may be part of the European Single Currency, be over-run by asylum seekers, have to pay a fortune in fuel tax and send our young people to serve in a Euro Army, but we know now that we have seen our hospital downgraded.

Dr Taylor is, indeed, a one-issue candidate. But it is the one major issue that affects me, you, and our families for years to come.


Jay Park Crescent