I BELIEVE God created everything and must have had good reasons, and put a lot of thought, effort, love and care into his creations.

All living things have unique purposes, roles, tasks, talents - otherwise there would be no reason for their existence. All are interdependent - except that humans are only needed by humans: and humans could not survive without a wide variety of plants and creatures.

There was a healthy balance within the natural world until humans broke the laws of God and nature by abusing and destroying the environment and the animals and plants.

Plants provide all our needs in food, medicines, clothing etc. Animals are not ours to use or do as we please with. We do not have the right to classify species as food, pet or pest; to breed or kill them at will.

We must realise the value of the environment and its plants and animals, care for them with the respect and consideration they deserve, and learn to live peacefully with our fellow humans and fellow creatures alike.

The only pest on this planet is the cruel, abusive, destructive human.

MARJORIE POLLITT, Bidford Road, Cleeve Prior.