I AM writing to clarify a few points about the way Business Link will operate for companies in Kidderminster and the rest of Worcestershire and Herefordshire after April this year.

Business Link, which is operated via a contract from the DTI through Chamber of Commerce Herefordshire and Worcestershire, will not be taking on a new name after April.

It will still be known as Business Link.

The only difference is, as you correctly pointed out in your article on February 22, that the Government has set up the new small Business Service (SBS), which is the umbrella organisation dealing with regulation for small businesses and providing business support through a national network of 45 Business Links.

Business Link Herefordshire and Worcestershire also does more than just act as an advice and information service as reported in the article, although that is an essential part of our service.

To name a few of the things we do, Business Link can help anyone who wants to start or expand a business, export, explore the opportunities offered by the Internet and e-commerce, or who needs assistance with the paperwork and red tape associated with running a modern company.


Chief executive

Business Link Herefordshire and Worcestershire