WITH reference to Joan Newbury's letter re heavy lorries through the village of Childswickham last week.

I have to agree with her. It seems that many motorists (and especially juggernaut drivers) know of these short cuts, such as from the A46 Cheltenham Road to Evesham Road thence to the by-pass, via Childswickham village, not bothering whether it affects the locals. It's exactly the same for those travelling from the B4632 Cheltenham Road through Broadway to the by-pass. They will just not go along the recommended route, especially if they can save five minutes in time and an egg-cupful of fuel. Yes I know some of the juggernauts cannot pass under the rail bridge in Station Road, but surely it's up to the district council to do something about that, it wouldn't cost a fortune to lower the roadway under the bridge.

Now that the government have been 'conned' into letting 44-tonne lorries into the country and at a measly £2,500 plus annual road tax, who will pay for the repair of these minor roads? Joe Muggins the council tax payer - not the haulage firms! If only our district councillors would do something. Like pestering the county council into paying for speed bumps through our villages. That would soon put them off and ensured they went the long way round. This would also help to slow down the 80% of motorists who also use our minor roads as a rat run.

Incidentally the West Mercia Constabulary are not interested either, as we on this estate have already tried, and all the police have said is - (and this was prior to the 30 mph limit being applied) they did not find any excess speeding through Childswickham village! They have to be joking, now that we have a 30 mph limit through the village I believe the average speed is nearer 45 than 30!

The only way Worcestershire County Council take any notice is when someone gets killed. I just hope it doesn't come to this.

JOHN BISSETT, Badgers Lane, Broadway Park, Broadway.