Now that the arguments about the proposed new football facility have re-surfaced, I can only look on amazed at the attitudes of those people who object to the idea.

If anything I would like to see the idea expanded as it is an opportunity for the town to develop a first class sporting facility not only for football, but to encourage the growth of a variety of sporting clubs, e.g. hockey, baseball etc.

What better advertisement could there be than to approach the town passing numerous groups of young people enjoying the use of modern sporting facilities? I for one would be impressed that here we have a town that believes in investing in facilities for its' young people.

Let's face it, the site is hardly one of outstanding natural beauty at the moment, in fact its' main use appears to be as a dogs' toilet. I doubt if the noise created will drown out the noise from passing traffic and as for the lights, modern sports lighting has very little residual effect.

I also support the building of a Social Club. If the facility is to develop properly then it is essential to promulgate the social aspects of sport.

In the recent Budget, the Chancellor announced plans for tax benefits in order to encourage the setting up of free sports clubs, surely this is the time for Evesham to show that it believes in providing good, modern facilities for its' young people.

I wish success to those who are obviously working hard to get these plan approved.

Mr. D. Jones, Celandine Way, Evesham.