WHAT is happening to Bewdley?

First there was the traumatic time around November, with the floods, roads closed, the bridge closed and many homes flooded, and no delivery vehicles allowed into the town.

Then the footpath in front of many shops was re-laid only to be replaced with exactly the same material, so customer entrances were affected as no-one wanted to dodge the JCB digger. Then there was work on the gas main.

This meant no short-stay car park (and for us no rear car park entrance either for customers or stock deliveries).

Is there some way we have upset the authorities who seem to want to cut us off from our customers?

We have paid our rates, £10,000 per year plus refuse costs £321, and now we hear that to get into Bewdley from the Rock area you will have to cross 16 road humps along the Cleobury Road.

Do the council not require businesses in Bewdley?

If this is the case, please let us know, because we are one business (established in the area since 1865) which is seriously thinking of leaving the town.


Managing director

RG Timmis (Bewdley) Ltd

Load Street