SNOOKER: The British Sugar battle in the latest round of matches in Dot Comm Wednesday Snooker League ended with the fourth-placed B team recording a shock 3-2 win over the leading A side.

Results: British Sugar A 2, British Sugar B 3; Brintons Oldington 4, St Georges A 1; Pockets C 1, Pockets Z 4; St Georges B v St Johns A - late card; St Johns D 2, Pockets B 3; St Johns C - bye.

League points: British Sugar A 73, St Georges A 70, St Johns C 66, British Sugar B 64, St Johns A 63, Brintons Old 55, Pockets C 41, Pockets Z 37, St Georges b 36, Pockets B 33, St Johns D 26.

Most wins to date: Pete Hill (St Georges A) 14. Highest break to date: Steve Bennett (St Johns C) 39.