A TOP two clash in Kidderminster Table Tennis League Division One saw favourites Jim's Gym A gain a hard-fought win over RB Iron.

The success was thanks largely to Paul Garner who was unbeaten on the night, including an impressive victory over Eric Hardman.

Results (three-game winners in brackets). Division One: Harriers A 6, Harriers F 4; Harriers E 7, Harriers D 3 (M Piggott); Jims Gym A 7, RB Iron 3 (P Garner); Bewdley CC A 5, Jims Gym B 5; Wordsley CC A 6, Harriers C 4 (L Hipkins); RB Iron 4, Harriers A 6 (A Barlow); Harriers C 9, Harriers B 1 (I Wood, S Dorrell); Harriers F 5, Bewdley CC A 5 (D Arnold); Jims Gym B 3, Harriers E 7 (C Webb, M Piggott); Harriers D 8, Wordsley CC A 2 (Brett Holyman).

Division Two: Bewdley Institute A 5, Hospital B 5 (J Thomson); Workmens B 4, Workmens A 6 (L Carter); Bewdley CC B 7, Franche MS A 3 (S Webb); Chainwire A 3, Bewdley Institute A 7 (J Thomson); Hospital A 9, Chainwire B 1 (B Page, D Evans); ROS A 9, Bewdley CC C 1 (L Evans, N Darwell); Wordsley CC B 2, Hospital B 8 (S Chiu, M Dudley); Hospital B 7, Chainwire A 3 (S Chiu, M Dudley); Franche MS A 9, Workmens B 1 (W Pritchard, L Carroll); Bewdley CC C 6, Hospital A 4 (M Edwards); Chainwire B 5, Wordsley CC B 5 (R Nambi).

Division Three: Stourport HS A 8, Stourport HS B 2 (D Morgan); Sea Scouts A 7, ROS B 3 (K Hatton); Bewdley Institute 9, Sea Scouts B 1 (T Davies, J Rowell); Areley Kings 6, Hospital C 4 (M Evans); Hospital C 0, Franche MS B 10 (T McDermott, K Smith, A Thomas); Bewdley CC D 2, Sea Scouts A 8 (J Linney); Stourport HS B 0, Bewdley Institute B 10 (T Davies, M Insull, J Rowell); Franche MS C 7, Areley Kings 3 (M Evans).