SAMURAI Judo Club's junior squad continued their fine form with nine medals at the Sasakawa Open Championships against talented opposition.

The squad is going from strength to strength and the girls were particularly impressive with three gold medals.

Kate Walker faced a tough group in the U-36kg section but destroyed them easily, winning every contest by maximum points in quick time before beating a tough Welsh opponent in the final.

With players able to enter two weight groups, Walker moved up two weight categories to U-44kg but it did not deter her.

Despite giving away nearly a third of her body weight, she set about her opponents with gusto and careful thought for three excellent wins followed by a maximum-point hold in the final.

In the U-57kg section, the dynamic duo of Amy Darch and Ellen Ingram started well.

Ingram recorded several good wins before injuring her shoulder and having to retire.

Meanwhile, Darch reached the final against another Welsh girl but the match went to a tie.

It had to be re-fought but Darch was caught by a superb throw and had to settle for silver.

She also gave away 14kgs in the open weight category which also included up-and-coming Midland Area champion Emmy Kimberley.

As expected, Kimberley began clocking up a series of very good wins but so did Darch, including a quarter-final revenge victory over her final opponent from the last competition.

A semi-final victory over a much heavier blue belt took her to the final against Kimberley who proved just too strong.

The boys also looked good and Tom Walker averaged four seconds a contest at one stage in the U-34kg category.

But Walker, who also reached the quarter-finals of the under-38kg event, had to settle for a bronze after the semi-final was pinched out of his reach.

Ben Newbury had an excellent day in the under-38kg, eventually losing to an experienced Bristol opponent in the final for a silver medal.

Stewart Wilson, suffering the after-effects of flu, did not make the medals in the U-42kg category, while Lee Davenport reached the quarter-finals in the U-46kgs.

Anthony Todhunter started slowly in the U-60kgs but recorded four consecutive maximum point throws before having to settle for a bronze.

Joe Bennett also worked hard in this category but did not get into the medals.

In the over-60kgs, Sam Bennett took four seconds to win his first contest and made the semi-finals.

Bennett was leading for most of the contest but an edge-of-mat penalty cost him the match although he later claimed a bronze.