PILES of rubbish in an Astwood Bank garden are attracting scores of rats according to neighbours who are demanding action from Redditch Council, writes Julian Seva.

Residents of Western Hill Close have reached the end of their tether with the state of an overgrown bungalow garden full of wood, tins and other junk.

The refuse was collected over a period of years by the tenant of the council-owned property who died last month.

The pensioner, who suffered a heart attack, used to roam the village with a wheelbarrow collecting anything he could find before dumping it in his garden.

Rats are now a common sight in the close and a health hazard say nearby residents.

Neighbour Nancy Wasley, 79, said: "How can the council let the garden get in such a state?

"This has been reported numerous times. It's a health hazard and a haven for rats.

"I see rats in my garden every day and it's very distressing. I've got grandchildren who play there. We shouldn't have to put up with this."

A Redditch Council spokesman said: "The gentleman who died had no relatives as far as we are aware so we are trying to get the property declared void.

"We are aware of the rubbish in the garden and we will be removing it as soon as possible."